High Temperature Mica/ Braided Fiberglass/ Stainless Steel


High Temperature Mica/ Braided Fiberglass/ Stainless Steel
600°C – 300 Volts
1000°C – 600 Volts
1200°C – 600 Volts


Conductors 0.25 Sqmm to 16 Sqmm (300 Volt)
0.25 Sqmm to 16 Sqmm (600 Volts)
Stranded tinned copper or nickel-plated copper
(Other conductor materials available)


High Temperature Mica Tape Insulation (1000°C/ 1200°C)

Outer Covering

Ceramic fiber braided with High Temperature Coating/ Stainless Steel (304 L) Braiding (For Temperature < 700°C)

Standard Color Coding

White/ Red


·         Superior high temperature and oxidation resistance in normal temperatures to 1000ºC
·         Fire resistant
·         Very low smoke emission when burned at rated temperature
·         Resistant to many chemicals
·         Maintains circuit integrity even when exposed  to conditions of high ambient temperature and flame
·         Optional stainless steel braid provides mechanical protection
·         If wire is subjected to very rapid rise in temperature the binder in the construction can ignite but will quickly extinguish. The resulting white ash is non-conductive


·         For use in non-flexing applications.
·         Wiring for ovens, kilns, and furnaces
·         Where the normal installation environment operating temperatures up to 1000ºC and intermittent temperatures approaching 1200°C
·         Not recommended for outdoor use