Thermocouple & RTD Wire

  Configure your Thermocouple RTD Cable


Thermocouple and RTD wire in variety of insulation and conductor sizes with its best quality.
We can also manufacture custom wire using alloys and insulation types to meet your specific application demands for high-volume requirements. Insulation temperature ranges from -328 to 2350°F (-200 to 1290°C) and features NABL calibration certificates.

Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple wire allows temperatures to be measured electronically. A typical thermocouple construction consists of a pair of dissimilar metals that are electrically joined together at the sensing point and connected to a voltage measuring instrument at the other end. When one junction is hotter than the other, a thermal “electromotive” force (in millivolts) is produced that is roughly proportional to the difference in temperature between the hot and cold junctions.

RTD Lead Wire

Typical RTD cable is standard instrumentation cable in two, three or four conductors or possibly groups of pair/triads/quads depending on the type of RTD being used and number of devices being monitored. Individual or overall shielding is often used for noise immunity.