High Temperature Cables

We are been the industry leader for markets requiring high performance, high temperature wire and cable. Hi Temp Solutions is known for delivering innovative solutions developed through customer input, outstanding R&D, superior material knowledge, and manufacturing experience.

Choosing the right high temp cable for high-heat environments reduces unnecessary replacements and avoids downtime. Carson products are a specialized family of high-temperature wire and cables specifically designed for applications that require a cable that can take the heat.

We offer a variety of products with woven glass-braid jackets and fluoropolymer insulation to handle continuous temperatures of 1,000°F and extreme temperatures of 3,000°F. Most products are available in single and double conductor configurations as well.

Our Carson family of products are especially temperature resistant as they are designed from the inside out to be the industry benchmark for high heat performance, however if you are in need of a high temperature (+150°C) cable with chemical resistant properties, we also offer a variety of solutions of chemical resistant electrical cable products (rated for -60°C to +200°C).

With Smallest Diameters & Temperature rating up to 150°C - 1200°C
High temp wire, also including thermocouple wire, is stocked since many internal and external wiring applications are used in environments exceeding 1000°C, and even up to 1200°C.

We carry high temperature wire in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit every application. High temp wire and cable is used with commercial, industrial and household ovens.

Carson custom cables are suitable for internal wiring of domestic ovens, cooking and drying equipment, while certain styles of thermocouple wire may be used in aircraft and petroleum processing.

Thermocouple wire is flame retardant, resistant to chemicals, and excellent in high temperature applications. Certain thermocouple wire types even have the capabilities to withstand environments up to 1204°C. Widely used in both science and industry, thermocouple wire continues to be a popular high temp wire because of its exceptional electrical and physical features.

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High Temperature Mica/ Braided Fiberglass/ Stainless Steel
600°C – 300 Volts
1000°C – 600 Volts
1200°C – 600 Volts
Silicon Rubber/ Braided Fiberglass/ Silicon Rubber
200°C – 250 Volts
200°C – 600 Volts
200°C – 800 Volts
Silicon Rubber Insulated
250°C – 300 Volts
250°C – 600 Volts
PTFE Tape with Mica Tape serve
250°C – 300 Volts
250°C – 600 Volts

Silicon Rubber/ Fiberglass with High Temperature Coating

200°C – 300 Volts
200°C – 600 Volts