Silicon Rubber/ Braided Fiberglass/ Silicon Rubber


Silicon Rubber/ Braided Fiberglass/ Silicon Rubber
200°C – 250 Volts
200°C – 600 Volts
200°C – 800 Volts


0.25 Sqmm to 16 Sqmm (300 Volt)
0.25 Sqmm to 16 Sqmm (600 Volts)
Stranded tinned copper or nickel-plated copper
(Other conductor materials available)


Silicon Rubber

Outer Covering

Fiber Glass Braiding with Extruded Silicon Rubber

Standard Color Coding

Available in Colors


·         Outperforms Braided Silicone products:
          1)      Smaller diameter, lighter weight, tighter bend radius
          2)      Intermediate fiberglass reinforcement
          3)      Eliminates braid fraying, flowering and shrink back
          4)      Virtually eliminates dermatitis
          5)      Significantly reduces airborne fiberglass contaminants traditionally foundin high volume processing
          6)      Superior flexibility
          7)      Color stable at elevated temperatures
          8)      LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen  
·         Silicone formulations      suitable for UV, ozone or moisture exposure
·         Not suited for liquid immersed applications
·         Suitable for applications down to -60°C