250°C – 300 Volts
250°C – 600 Volts


24 AWG – 10 AWG (300 Volts)
22 AWG – 4/0 AWG (600 Volts)
Stranded nickel-plated copper
(Other conductor materials available)

Insulating System

PTFE Tape with Mica Tape serve 

Outer Covering

Braided fiberglass with a high temperature finish

Standard Color Coding

Natural and Solid Colors
Colored Tracers


• Outperforms TGGT products:
Ø  Reduced diameter.
Ø  Excellent cut and strip characteristics making it ideal for high volume manufacturing and assembly.
• Tough treated outer glass braid and fiberglass servings permit the product to withstand repeated flexing and severe mechanical abuse.
• Moisture resistant.
• Resists pushback and braid fray.
• Flexible.